SANS Group as a multi-dimensional creative hub, now has a fully functional casting division in which we offer a multitude of services including but not limited to providing clients with the full scoop of South African talent, studios which are fully equipped and soundproofed, insight & knowledge of the different mediums and industry itself. 

SANS Group Castings is spearheaded by Stephanie Sandows who has, amongst many other things, been the resident casting director at E-TV’s popular soap SCANDAL! for the past 8 years. Having started as the assistant to industry known- Fiona Ramsay, Stephanie later went on to becoming the sole casting director for other South African productions including:

KyKNet: Spoor | Moja Love: Hope | SABC 1: Rented family

Being an actor herself, she has performance knowledge and direction which often brings a relaxed energy to the room resulting in some of the most powerful performances. 


-          Casting studio & director

-          Self-tape studio for auditions/monologues (with co-reader options in English/Vernac)

-          Self-tape edited and formatted 

-          Drop-in ‘mock’ audition in preparation for upcoming auditions